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Back in 1880 Villa d’Almè was a very important crossroads connecting the valleys Imagna and Brembana with the area of Bergamo. At that time Giovanbattista Gamba started his own business selling and producing cold cuts and also opened a tavern in the main square of the historic district of Villa d’Almè.

Thanks to the help of his wife, children and grandchildren the Gamba tavern became a popular gathering place for wayfarers who could enjoy delicious cured meat, steaks, well aged cheese from the best dairy farms of the area.

From Giovanbattista to his son Edoardo, who developed and improved the “small business”. From Edoardo to his son Celso that contributed to give a boost to the slaughtering and meat selling activities. Experience, tradition and old values have been handed down to the present day.

The company has grown and today, Claudia and Pierluigi, with his son Edoardo, along with about twenty employees, use the handcrafted tradition received from past generations as a base to expand their range of products and to continually improve the quality of the product and the entire customer experience.

The Gamba brand is now synonymous with goodness and authenticity, and it has received and continues to receive awards in terms of certifications

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